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Royal Lion Media Group was founded by James Desir, a graduate from Palm Beach Film School. James began as a freelancer in film and photography in the early 2000's often doing projects for churches, family, friends, and non-profit agencies around West Palm Beach, Florida area.

In 2009, as the clientele list began to grow, James decided to establish King Judah Productions, to showcase and share his passion for film. King Judah Productions’ sole purpose was to create film production. As new business requests arose, James decided to cater to all media needs being requested.  


In 2015, Royal Lion Media Group was founded as a full media production company to provide services both domestically and internationally. RLMG offers cinematography, music & sound design, and photography for various sub-categories. Many of the Royal Lion Media Group short and feature films have been nominated and awarded by various film festivals around the world.


Royal Lion Media Group’s studio is located in West Palm Beach, Florida. RLMG offers employment and internship opportunities with extensive training in cinematography, audio, and photography.

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